Board of Directors

Jeanine MiotonChair
Austin, Texas

Jeanine Mioton is the Sr Manager, Events and Partnership at Meetup. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Lehman College. Jeanine’s career started as an Executive Assistant to the CEO. Since then, she has had positions in event management, public relations, and worked her way up to where she is today. Event management is where her true passion lies and her storytelling comes to life. Jeanine recently moved to Austin, TX, and is loving the chance to explore the city with her dog Otis!

Antonely MolinaTreasurer
Bronx, NY

Growing up in Harlem and spending his teen years in the Dominican Republic, Antonely Molina has always had an appreciation for finance and the importance of planning for unforeseen situations. He has worked in a variety of industries and brings seven years of experience in the construction industry, where he developed procedures to keep track of over/under budgeted projects, relieve cash flow restraints, and maintain up-to-date contract information. At Starr Whitehouse, he leverages this experience to support the stability, reliability and transparency of the firm’s financial department. Antonely received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Hunter College

Andy McDonaldBoard Member
Queens, NY

Andy McDonald is a writer and illustrator from Kenosha, WI. After an internship at Comedy Central, he joined The Huffington Post as an Associate Editor and went on to become Editor of the site’s Comedy section. Andy is now a Content Editor at Rockstar Games. Andy currently lives in New York City.

Geronimo Ruiz Board Member
Washington Heights, NY

Geronimo Ruiz is an accomplished leader in the field of youth services, driven by a profound commitment to creating safe and enriching environments for young individuals. With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years, Geronimo has actively contributed to various community development programs, becoming a resolute advocate for youth empowerment and access to recreational activities.

His personal journey began as a participant in the Police Athletic League programs, where he experienced firsthand the transformative power of recreational and enrichment initiatives. Inspired by his mentors and the positive impact they had on his life, Geronimo resolved to pay it forward and provide the same kind of supportive environment for the generations to come.

In his collaborative efforts with partners and staff, Geronimo has successfully designed and implemented immersive recreational and educational programs that captivate and empower young individuals.