Karina Liriano Founder & CEO

Karina is dedicated to  providing support towards the self-actualization journeys of human beings – with the ultimate intention of amplifying the strength of unified communities. When we are empowered to live out our individual purpose, the collective impact will reverberate through future generations.

Throughout her own life, she has personally experienced how trauma & adversity can lead to an emotional heaviness within us that hinders our growth, and blinds us from who we are. This heaviness can take form in many ways such as depression, anger, anxiety, or addiction. She wholeheartedly believes every being is capable of overcoming attachment to these struggles – that we are all built with the ability to cultivate unwavering strength, long-lasting joy, and finding that true special “glow” that is unique to each of us.

Her inspiration for the creation of Vibes Wellness derived from her concern with the exclusivity and high-prices attached to integrative/complementary healthcare – making it difficult for low-income communities affected by everyday high-stress to benefit from these effective practices.  

Growing up, Karina spent her time between Dominican Republic and New York, and went on to study International Culture and Communications at the City College of New York. In 2019, she began offering donation-based Meditation classes in Harlem and Washington Heights, New York, now expanding into new programming. 

During her leisure, Karina enjoys yoga by the sea, camping at national parks, and exploring local restaurants. 


Caitlin DeLahunta Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Reiki Practitioner

Caitlin is a yoga & meditation teacher and reiki practitioner with a passion for psychology, a deep level of understanding, and intuitive empathy. Acknowledging we are multidimensional beings, she works towards bringing awareness and transcendence to all levels.

Caitlin integrates her teachings with asana/poses, present moment awareness, breathing techniques, mindfulness, mantras, yogic philosophy, and psychology knowledge. She also practices reiki – universal life force energy that promotes relaxation and healing. Caitlin specializes in stress and anxiety management, utilizing these practices to relax the body, balance the nervous system, and calm the mind. For once we feel safe and at ease, we can connect with our true Self of love and peace.

With authentic intuition and compassion, Caitlin is a healer at heart who strives to hold a safe space for her students to release and reconnect, to heal and find their inner peace.


Ahsaki Acevedo Technology Operations Coordinator

Ahsaki Acevedo is an Artist, web/graphic designer, business owner and more. She has a BS in Computer Science which led her to love anything that has to do with tech and making what she creates look beautiful as well as functional. 
Ahsaki has her own small business called SakiAce where she sells 3D vases, Prints, tote bags, etc. She is also a Salesforce Admin at a law company and soon will also be working as a Salesforce UX Designer. Her passion is being a creative soul and brining something to life with her ideas which is why she decided to start selling what she makes. Ahsaki moved to California and has been living there for almost three years but won’t be staying there for too long since family is very important to her and they all live back in the east coast.